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Multimedia clip – Do more with your conference’s photos

Multimedia Clip: A Great P.R tool for your event First thing first, what is multimedia? Multimedia refers to content that uses a combination of different content forms. Multimedia includes a combination of text, audio, still images or video.   Why do you need multimedia in your next conference? In our days people are losing their  interest within 7-13 seconds! That means that if you want to get their attention you need something fast and clear to pass your massage. Viewers prefer to see 2-3 minutes clip then browsing trough a gallery of 300 photographs from the conference. A good multimedia clip can become viral and create […]

Corporate Event Promotion Tips

8 tips from a Corporate Photographer for Commercial Event Organisers Organising an event is very complicated work. Beside logistic, design, human resource management and a tight schedule an event organiser  have to think about promoting the conference. Here are few points I recommend for better visuals of your corporate event. 1. Venue: whether you are organising a business conference or a relationship conference, venue is the heart of your event and good venue means that your pictures will look vibrant and beautiful.     2. Banners and sings: see where are you placing the sponsors sings or the conference banners. This location is important visual marketing tool. Make […]

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